Original Sketch by Anne Ditte

Sketch Drawing "Mania"

1.425 kr


Purchase this original sketch drawing of "Mania", which is one of Anne Dittes newest artworks in her pipeline. This sketch drawing measures 21x29,8cm. and is framed in a black aluminium frame, measuring 30x40cm. This sketch drawing has a white passepartout frame placed around the sketch, which gives the sketch drawing a beautiful finish. Includes also a certificate of authenticity and two serialized numbered holograms.

✓ Unique and one of a kind piece of art. 
✓ Framed in a 30x40cm. black alu. frame with passepartout.
 Certificate protects the buyer and assures proof of authenticity.
 Reduces the risk of forgery. 
 Certificate is made of premium sheets.
✓ Includes two unique serialized numbered holograms.

Purchase the painting HERE.

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