Painting by Anne Ditte


12.000 kr

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For further information and details contact Anne Ditte.
Shipping is not included in the price as the shipping price vary from painting size, the monetary value of the artwork and shipping address.
+45 40357120

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We can all be burdened by our past or our background we have become a product of. The past is an illusion and so is the future. 
We don't know what the future entails. We can all have dreams and goals, but our values can prevent us from developing and moving forward.

Maybe we need to take a break and look back at the past. Only when our thoughts reflects our values, first then can we develop and get a higher understanding and consciousness. This doesn’t mean, what we come from is bad because life is about evolving and learning. 

Just because you were born in the water, it doesn't mean you can’t learn to fly. Let's not be too hard on each other and ourselves. Live in the present and let the past be the illusion you’ve created and leave it behind. Be the best version of yourself and let the present be the foundation for your future. - Anne Ditte 

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