Painting by Anne Ditte

Savage - Painting

11.000 kr

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This artwork represents a women with another woman's face painted on her forehead. It symbolises human beings as complex individuals. We should be better at seeing things from other perspectives. Seeing things from other perspectives is a necessity to overcome pettiness and narrow mindedness. 

The woman in the picture is quite calm but look at her eyes. What do you see? What do you feel? She has a pig hanging around her neck. I chose to paint a pig around her neck as pigs represent less value in our society. The pig is not a particularly pretty animal, which gives the artwork a bizarre expression.

Before I started painting "Savage", I had a dream in which a woman appeared with horns. I decided therefor to add horns to her head. It can both symbolise the devil inside of her, but it can also symbolise the savage inside of every human being. however, we can interpret this artwork as we wish. - Anne Ditte

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