Painting by Anne Ditte

Mania - painting (New)

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She has gone through sheer madness. She was supposed to be a warrior standing on the frontline "ready for battle". As the brush hit the canvas and the lines began to shape, so did the story change as well. The woman became more vulnerable and instead of fighting on the frontline, she took "her crown off”. She was meant to be strong and fearless as a warrior but instead, she fought the grief and pain from losing a sister.

Sometimes we are trapped in our own state of mind where we try to find a way out of captivity. We must remind ourselves that Illusion is created in our mind and if we strongly believe in our created illusion, the illusion may turn out be our reality and reality may turn out be our illusion. In other words, our present state of mind will shape our future state of mind.

A white wing growing from her back shows us that she’s kind of an angel but as you look deeper into the painting, she also has a black wing growing on the left side of her back representing the dark side. The monkey on her shoulder symbolizes the madness she has had to go through with all the emotions, thoughts, psychoses and influences affecting her. The monkey also symbolizes death as death is an integrated part of our existence and which is an important reminder in life. I have personally learned to live with death as an accompanying. Also note that the monkey is sitting on her left shoulder which is the dark side. The monkey symbolizes furthermore the ugly memories, scars and traumas every human being has been affected by in some kind of a way. The woman is a guardian angel. A protector from darkness and evil.

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