Painting by Anne Ditte


12.000 kr

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For further information and details contact Anne Ditte.
Shipping is not included in the price as the shipping price vary from painting size, the monetary value of the artwork and shipping address.
+45 40357120

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Have you ever dreamed of getting old with someone? Sorry to report this but there just isn't any time for that anymore. Okay, so you have a lovely boyfriend or a girlfriend. Maybe you are the exception.

The world we're living in is a world of change and fast swipes. We're almost out of time. When we get bored or lose interest, we give up. We can't take the pressure and we move on to the next thing until we give up. That's just how our culture has become ̶ unfortunately.

My parents were together for 38 years, and my grandparents were together for 60 years. I am aware that not every day has been brilliant, but they stayed together for so many years. They created a life together with so much love, patience, trust, honesty and understanding for each other’s differences.

Our generation could learn a lot from this kind of endurance. We have succumbed to the fast pace of life full of swipes and change. I hope that one day, I will get the opportunity to live my life - the rest of my life with my one and only and that he even after 40 years together, still will be smiling when he serves me my morning coffee – Anne Ditte

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