Art Print by Anne Ditte

Human Nature

695 kr

Product information

This art print is made with a high resolution printing process also known as giclée printing or 'Fine art'. The printing technique combined with the finest art paper provides the art print the most vibrant tones, richness in color and attention to detail. Experience pure museum quality with this expressive and immersive art print when hanging on your wall. 

✓ Printed on 265g high quality 'fine art' paper.
 Signed by Anne Ditte.
 Packed and shipped in protective tube.
✓ FREE worldwide shipping on orders over 500 DKK.
14 days to regret your purchase. 
✓ All payments are 3D secured and SSL encrypted.

Frame is not included - Fits standard frame size.

Buy the original painting HERE.


The sea turtle swims under water in its familiar environment and yet overtime its sanctuary, its habitat has been transformed into a huge trash can. Plastic and garbage can be seen everywhere in our seven world seas and beaches. If everyone could contribute a little extra in the climate, we could probably find a solution to its problem. Unfortunately, like many other issues at hand, money is also a barrier. A barrier to all the climate changes and from water being so clear that we can see the bottom - Anne Ditte.

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