Everyone is born with a gift - This is mine

I started my artistic career back in 2015 when my mother died and my sister got mentally ill which caused her to commit suicide. As a way to process all the emotions that went through me, I started to paint on full time. All my paintings have a story to be told and I focus on giving my artwork depth and personality with storytelling that puts life into perspective. I put an effort to tell torching stories by combining art with powerfull messages. Today I'm represented by an exclusive gallery in Denmark that help me achieve my dreams and besides that I'm running my own show at Anne Ditte Studio.

My passion lies in telling stories through my art and I often interpret feelings, experiences and sensitive subjects with the purpose to shape it into a contemporary artwork. I do also paint symbolic and iconic things with my own artistic style and twists. I offer original paintings, art prints which are reproductions of my original artwork and commissioned work of art.

Being an artist requires hard work. An artist always has to think big and be proficient every single time when creating a new artwork. The artwork always has to be as good as the last one, because an artist always has to be in development. Art is about the personal and artistic exchange. When a synergy between the art and the artist is created, a holistic picture emerges. Art is all about the storytelling, the aesthetic expression and ones interpretation of the art. 

Art is like an obsession - A necessity which has to leave my mind and my body to shape my thoughts and feelings of the things I experience, feel and see in life, which in the end is illustrated through my paintings. I use art to convey the authenticity and honesty that life offers - From all the joy, hope, love, sorrow and pain that exist among us, and in all of us. I use art as a creative playground to create artwork I can feel connected to - Artwork which gives me a feeling of change, understanding and renewal when hanging on my walls. My goal is to give the people the exact same feeling and connection, I get, when I look at my art.

Story of my life

I grew up on a small farm in the danish countryside. I lived in a safe environment with my mother, father and little sister. Life was an adventure and I was always dressed up like a princess, writing fairy tales, filming videos with my friends and just enjoying life as a child should. 
I always had a smile on my face and no matter how tough life became, I always saw the possibilities and didn't care for the obstacles that lay ahead. I always believed that I was above all obstacles.

Hawaii vibes

When I turned 21, I moved to Hawaii to live and study at the University of Manoa. When I came back to Denmark, I started studying religion at university, but I left my studies shortly after to focus on acting and art. I moved to Copenhagen where I established a solid network of people within the acting and art industry. I felt nothing could break me down. Life was giving me all the success I have been striving for.

Back to Denmark

Suddenly one day, I got a phone call from my hometown. It was my father, and in a quiet, devastated voice that sounded so very unlike him, he told me that my mother was seriously ill. She had cancer. 
After one month of fighting that horrid disease, my dear mother passed away. This led me to move home to my father, accompanied by my little son of just three months at the time. 

Discovering the true power of art

I lived with my father for a year and a half, and it was in his kitchen that I started painting and truly discovered my artistic style and identity. While I found myself, my sister, however, seemed to lose herself. 
She, my little sister, became very mentally ill, and art became an escape for me. Art became a solace, a haven, where I could escape reality, but also process and interpret everything I saw and felt.

My sisters last years

After our mother’s untimely death, my sister sought the fast rush and a path of self-destruction. She sought happiness in drugs, alcohol and bad friends with bad habits. She couldn't fathom that she had a problem, although we clearly felt her slipping away. She kept her drug addiction secret for many years, until she couldn’t hide it from us anymore. Unfortunately, when we found out, it was too late. The damage was done, and every day that went by, she got more manic, crazy and strange. I lost my sister to suicide in February 2019.

After years of battling mental illness, she took her own life while staying at the psychiatric ward. And it crushed me. Just when I thought life couldn’t break me anymore, I felt myself breaking into a million pieces. The loss of my sister was incredibly hard on me. I grew up with my little sister. In so many happy memories from my life, she is at the centre. We had a special bond, and this bond is obvious in every picture of us. I know this, and I see it.   


Despite the all-consuming loss I felt, I promised myself that my son, who is now three years old, should never experience my unhappiness. I chose to look at my son, a happy little boy with so much life ahead of him, and I promised myself that I would enjoy him to the fullest, enjoy all our smiles and the laughter every day. I wouldn’t spend my time being unhappy, depressed and broken down by life.

Love, live, life

I met a man who was unlike any man I had ever met before. He was there for me when my sister took her life, and he has been by my side every single day since. I am grateful for what I have, for the extraordinary people in my life. Now I want to use my passion for art to create the life I want to live, to fulfil my visions and dreams and hopefully, my story will have a happy ending. Who knows? 

An important reminder!

I hope that my life experiences and knowledge will remind people of the most important things in life. Be happy. Be grateful. Love and cherish your family and your true friends. Without them, we are nothing. Without them, we risk turning into nothing. Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you want to lay down and let life crush you or stand up and fight for what you believe in.