3 important things you need to know when buying art prints!

Anne Ditte art prints and wall art.

Some people aren't aware of the different qualities when buying art prints and how much "value for money" they in reality get. Besides the beautiful piece of art you have found, we also want it to last as long as possible.  
Therefore, it's important to look at what paper quality and printing technique the specific artist uses. Unfortunately, we've seen artists pricing their art prints way to much, looking at the fact that they use a much cheaper printing technique and paper quality.

No. 1.

Why is it important to know what printing technique the specific artist uses? 
The ink quality and the amount of cartridges the printer uses decides how rich the colours will be and how detailed the art prints will get.
It's good to know if the art prints are printed in a 8 color inkjet printer or a 12 color inkjet printer - it's like comparing a Porsche with a Ford. The more colors the more deeper, richer and detailed the art prints will be.

When using a high resolution printer with 12 color inkjet cartridges, the art prints will be printed with pure museum-quality inks. It's an important factor in the art printing industry (If you can call it so :D). By knowing what printing technique the artist uses, you're also a step closer to know if the art prints are priced too much. 

Let us tell you how we do it

All Anne Dittes art prints are printed with a high resolution printing process, also known as giclée printing or 'Fine Art'. It's a process that uses a 12 color inkjet printer, acid free paper and pigment based archival inks. This insures that the art prints never degrade and turn yellow over time and allows furthermore a much better longevity. 

It insures us that we always provide the highest quality art prints to our customers. If you are looking for art prints with a long shelf life, vibrant tones, richness in color and attention to detail, then you should go for art prints printed with this method. 

No. 2.

What distinguishes low quality art prints with high quality art prints?
We would say all sheets under 200 g/m² is low quality as it will curl over time, turn yellow and degrade. It just won't provide the right expression and quality to the art print. It just won't feel or look good - it's like buying a chocolate cake without chocolate! Who wants that?

Let us tell you what paper quality we use

All art prints are printed on 265 g. fine art paper made from 100 percent cotton. All limited edition art prints are printed on even more exclusive sheets (310g). 

However, the sheets are furthermore 100% sustainable so when buying your art prints at Anne Ditte Studio, you can be quite sure that all products are made from sustainable materials. The art paper has a mat finish which furthermore gives the art print a much rawer look.

It's simply an experience to look at and to touch. We're not afraid to claim that all art prints purchased on Anne Ditte Studio will last very long time, if you keep them in the right way - guaranteed!

No. 3.

Remember this one as this is the most important thing you need to know when buying art prints! 

Ready..? Okay, here it goes...

When buying art prints at Anne Ditte Studio, you can be quite sure that you will get the best of the best, as all artwork are made with love and respect for our costumers who simply wants the best quality. 🖤

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