This didn’t went as I expected!

I got an inquiry from a customer who would like Godfather painted. So I painted this motif, which in this case is a fan art motif and I don’t make as many fan art paintings as I should. Anyway - I was surprised and proud of the end result of this painting. This project has improved my abilities and talents within art. I know, even though it’s fan art, it was really a great experience for my personal and professional development. It didn’t went as I expected in a positive way as I got improved in painting shadows and working with the light.

I would definitely encourage others to use a model when painting. It really gave me a lot of new skills to draw an actual figure and see the whole process evolve to something beautiful. This fan art got the right expression, which I'm always are looking for when painting an art piece. I’ve painted The Godfather with my artistic style all while fulfilling the customer's wishes. Such a pleasure and satisfaction to see customers fall in love with their new painting, when I hand it over to them. I have therefore decided to paint more commissioned artwork for customers who wish a custom made and unique painting.

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Until then, take care and stay positive!