anne ditte

Art is like an obsession, a necessity which has to leave my mind and my body, to shape my thoughts and feelings of the things I experience, feel and see in life, which In the end is illustrated through my paintings. I use art to convey the authenticity and honesty that life offers. From all the joy, hope, love, sorrow and pain that exist among us, and in all of us.

I use art as a creative playground to create expressive and immersive artwork I can feel connected to. Artwork which gives me a feeling of change, understanding and renewal when hanging on my walls. My goal is to give the people the exact same feeling and connection, I get, when I look at my art.



My stories

30 år.  Endnu et level op

30 år. Endnu et level op

Jeg elskede The sims, World of warcraft og Age of empires Jeg har altid værnet meget om at være barn. Selv da jeg var barn, vidste jeg allerede, at...

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